Content comes in all shapes and forms, from unstructured text to XML markup and everything inbetween. We act as a middle layer between you and your content, allowing you to organize, extrapolate, and analyze the key points in an easy to use system.

qmeta provides an array of services, including a free web based interface, a customized enterprise platform available in both cloud and on-site systems, and a dynamic and scalable API suitable for use in all your development needs.

Our APIs and software can run on a wide variety of data. From organizing and analyzing your word documents and PDFs, to markup and entity extraction of websites. qmeta provides fast and flexible modules for all of your data-centric needs.

Get started by trying our freely available interface on a wide variety of web-based content. For more in-depth solutions take a look at our API documentation, or contact our sales and support team for a demo. is a product of RELATIVEBLUE LLC.

Universal Metadata Platform.

Data extraction, organization, and analytics. Flexible solutions. Fast and easy to use environment.

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